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Matt Cexwish and His Awesome Slayer Sword Winning Entry

Here is Matt explaining his Slayer Sword winning diorama, absolutely the coolest thing ever.


Now he’s a mean looking beast.

Painted by rusto, and the colours are great. VOTE HERE.


And while you are at check out this.

Eldar Warlock

By dre4mit on CMON, really like the mostly monotone nature of it with the pops of purple. Lovely stuff.


A creative one by Routaporsa in CMON:

Pest Control

Pest control No Dan Kar style by generulpoleaxe.  Found it on Colonel Schofers Blog.

Ork Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka

A nice paint job by HopeRiver, found it over on Wamp. CMON link.

One large project…the jungle

Here is a great piece, very large and detailied.  Its by paulvalenx on CMON.

And more photos here ,herehere and here.


And here is a Zombie by nelly-samy on Planetfigure.  1/6 scale. I think its great, its basically a clown zombie, at least thats what it looks like to me. And a thread with some more of his work.

Wood Troll

Wood Troll painted by Arbaal on CMON.  I like the foresty/undergrowthy feel it has.

The CMON link here in case you want to vote. And more of his stuff here.

Some people have great ideas…

Saw this on Colonel Schofer’s Blog and had to post it here.  I think its very creative and looks really cool.

Lots more pictures can be found here and is definitely worth checking out.  It would take me years to do this, impressive stuff.