A blog tracking the adventures of an aspiring mini painter and sculptor


Thought I would start a collection of tutorials I thought were good and eventually maybe make a few of my own.


Great NMM Tutorial by mattsterbenz on CMON.

Understanding and Refining Reflections by William Li.

Magmatrax Tutorial by Vincent Hudon


Nice overview found here.

Massive Voodoo video tutorial (its in German but you can get most of it by watching).


Blending tutorial by olliekickflip here.

Painting Faces

Jen Haley does a face painting tut.

Faces by Dante’s Inferno


Jen Haley shows how she does freehand


Building armatures by SteveB

Sculpting Hands found here.

Building stuff

Making building out of foam board

Game option scenic base by the Brush Brothers


Jeremie Bonamant Teboul’s website has a variety of tutorials all of which are worth checking out.

Volomir’s Tribute to the Fallen

Steve B’s tip on Painting Black

Cheap Plinth making

And a variety of Wamp Tutorials that are useful


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