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Or what to do with a broken mini that would be too much of a pain to repair.  So I had a broken mini lying around and I had been wanting to try a new technique, so I picked it up and gave it a go.  Its very colourful as I tried the same technique with different colours. Basically I tried glazing down, rather than starting with a midtone then going up and down, I started with the 90% brightest highlight and worked my way down.  Now I did these very quickly and I havent spent more than 2 hours, probably less,  for all the colours on here but I think the results are quite good, given the speed.  I used a few transparent colours from VMC for this and I definitely plan on getting more, and probably looking into inks after this experience. I think if I slowed this method down a bit and put more thought into placement of shadows then this would be very effective.  Its definitely going to be integrated into my repertoire for sure.  Anyway enough talk, here are pics.

I spent longest on the side in the first pic and I think it shows, though I really like the way the orange neck bit came out, despite taking less than 15 minutes, as the colour is awesome.  Picture doesnt quite capture it right.


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