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The Bust has moved along.

Right more progress on him, lots of pics upcoming. He is getting on a bit though still a daunting amount to do. Not happy with the hair so will probably be redoing alot of it. Might take a break from this guy but we’ll see.

And then my first foray into 54mm, which has been a huge change from the bust. Finding it really tricky, though at this point its still really basic.


Sculpting… in plasticine?


Collection of minis that were sculpted in plasticine.  Pretty cool.  Here.  

Simply Awesome.

I will post some of my own stuff soon, I promise, but none of it is in a decent state yet so no pics yet.  However I though I would post something that I thought was simply amazing.  Great originality and concept, and the execution is excellent. Its done by rusto on CMON.  Here is the link to the rest of his stuff. Some inspiration for me to learn to properly sculpt, I like the Squig Race best from his other works.

The Hobby and money…

LONG POST AGAIN! Right, I still dont have anything to show so I decided to make post about money and the hobby.  First off, I have to point out that I am a student and as such money is in shorter supply than I would like.  I find that in this hobby I always need something more.  I never have everything that I need to complete something just the way i want it.   Take for instance right now: I have recently gotten more into sculpting now that I am doing it I have realized that I need and optivisor so i can see those tiny details tat are otherwise a paint to sculpt, micro beads would make the rivets of armour infinitely easier to sculpt and I wouldnt have to play around with microscopic lumps of clay trying to roll them into a ball.  Definitely need more drill bits so I can attach the various parts of the mini together, and sand paper to make all the surfaces nice and smooth.   Now granted all this isnt that expensive but given that I just recently bought a razor saw and a large supply of super sculpey its enough.  Now all these things would make life easier, but so would a variety of other things, like a dremmel for when I am doing conversions with metal minis and filing things of by hand takes ages, but there is another expense.  Then of course its always nice to have bits lying around so that you dont have to sculpt everything from scratch but can use things people have already made and modify them. In reality some of these arent really necessary while others really are.  However these are all just tools for sculpting and cleaning minis you of course still need paints, and you can never really have enough of these, good brushes and various mediums to water down your paints with.  Then you could also get an airbrush for those big minis (something i quite fancy trying).  Not all that expensive I suppose as they last a while, particularly if you paint as slow as me.

Most of these are necessary to paint or convert minis, however arguably the most necessary things are the minis themselves.  These are the real wallet drainer.  Dont get me wrong I am not complaining about the prices, I really have no issue with most of them.  Its just that there are so many minis available, so how do you choose which to get.  Well if you are a gamer you get the ones you need to play and if you are a painter then you get the ones you want to paint.  Well for some people this means buying just about everything (see here.) as they suffer from something called figmentia.   I am lucky in this regard as I havent been in the hobby long enough to acquire much of a lead mountain.  This year I have decided that from now on I will either sculpt all my own minis and will only buy minis for commissions, if I am to enter them into a competition, or if I want to do a conversion on the mini.

Anyway I guess the whole point of this post was to say that this hobby can get expensive if you arent careful as it becomes something like an obsession to own every mini you could ever want to paint but then you can end up with so many that you couldnt paint them in a few lifetimes, but you still get more.   I am trying to avoid that bit but still end up acquiring various hobby materials and keep finding that I need more, though really I could do with what I have now.  Right, now I wont buy anymore stuff ( thats what I said before I bought the razor saw, but then I realized I needed it).

Nearly completed Old Man

After finishing a paper I rewarded myself with some sculpting time and have pretty much finished the old man. I think he is pretty awesome.  Let me know what you think of him.

Micro-sculpting (Willard Wigan)

A break away from my own work, which I haven’t had a chance to do for a while. Here is a man who sculpts in the eye of a needle:  First video of him on the news, and then another one of him with a bit more on how he does it.  ITS AMAZING, though it does look like a pain to do.

Some Sculpting

So here is a bust I have been working on, it is nearly done, just needs to be smoothed and baked and then I may add a few more details.   He is about 45mm tall and is made from super sculpey.  Anyway enjoy.


Hello and welcome to my blog.  This is my first blog ever and I am still trying to work out how everything here works.  Hopefully it wont take me too long and i can start posting pictures of my work soon.  Just recently finished 3 minis that i will try to post up if i can figure out how, and will then be posting up some pictures of the commission I am currently working on amongst other things.  I will also post things I find interesting in the miniature world, such as other artists work, the occasional new mini and materials.  Hope you enjoy it.