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More painting.

SOme more progress on the dwarf:


And I also started the new plastic nurgle lord. Have to say that it has been alot of fun to paint so far and I think I am making some nice progress on it. Skin on his belly is nearly there though some blends need to be smoothed and then I need to add some more shading around his head. Havent got around to doing all the scabby things yet though. Oh and that shoulder area definitely needs work. Top of the Axe is also pretty much done but the rest is just basecoats.



Let me know what you think.


A new year and new techniques…

o not been doing a whole lot recently but have started a few pieces mostly to try new techniques. Finding that recently I havent been inspired to actually finish a piece, more just painting to try out new techniques . Struggling to find a piece that makes me want to finish it.

Anyway, the first guy is just a start, focused mostly on the skin on his back, (trying to use seb archers method, found HERE) the metallics are about 70% done, I just need to glaze back the highlights. and smooth out a couple issues in the shading. The rest is just basecoats pretty much.

And a base I started for the Pan mini From Studio McVey, here I was looking at the fairies (there is another in his hand but I havent got that far) changing colour to tell emotions.  I figure since they are so small yelling probably isnt very effective so they have to use another way to warn each other. so the bottom one was blue (cold) due to being suspicious and the picture doesnt show it at all actually but the face is scared as she has just seen Pan grab for his knife so she is turning purple. I plan for the one in his hand to be warmer colours but I probably wont get there for a while.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, let me know what you think.

Khaurik’s Guard Finished.

Right this guy has been sitting on my desk for ages and I finally decided to get him finished off. Sooo many details on him that got irritating to paint after a while. So I am calling him done.

And HERE is the link to vote, if you are so inclined.


ALSO if you havent already done so please do go VOTE on Olsvalter.   THANKS!

Im back.

Well its been a while, have been busy moving and such, but I have got some stuff done. Here is some photos:

and the Rackham Ogre

More Rackham.

Just something I have worked on a bit.

More of the same.

More Fulgor.  Metal on the arms is pretty much done but still need to do the wires.


So I wasnt feeling top notch and thus was avoiding writing my dissertation, so I painted Fulgor a bit today.  Here is what I have so far:

Siver/Steel is far from done, but the bronze and gold are pretty close.  Let me know your thoughts.

And the Troll now has two arms and the end is in sight!

Woot! Anyway here are the pics.

Some new arrivals.

Some I got some new minis in from Red Box Games, so I thought I would show it off.

Have to say that I am very pleased with all of them.  The metal minis are really small and detailed and the resin troll is well detailed and has very few air bubbles (most in non visible places ). Also thought I would post up some pics of what I was planning on painting next, though now with that troll here Im not so certain anymore. (Maybe Ill just do both)  Anyway here is Fulgor from Rackham.

And his backback.

Forge Guardian finished!

I’ve finally finished something.  The pictures are below and if you want to vote on CMON, here is the linky.