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The Bust has moved along.

Right more progress on him, lots of pics upcoming. He is getting on a bit though still a daunting amount to do. Not happy with the hair so will probably be redoing alot of it. Might take a break from this guy but we’ll see.

And then my first foray into 54mm, which has been a huge change from the bust. Finding it really tricky, though at this point its still really basic.



And here is a Zombie by nelly-samy on Planetfigure.  1/6 scale. I think its great, its basically a clown zombie, at least thats what it looks like to me. And a thread with some more of his work.

Right, a sneak peek.

I have decided to give all those reading my blog a little sneak peak into some of what I am working on at the moment.  I have lots more on the shelf but it would be no fun for me to show them all at once so here are a few.  You will have seen one of these before but 2 of them will be new.  One is just a base that i still need to do a lot of work to.  The other is a 40mm sculpt that I have started ( I wont tell you what it is).  The bottom of the leg areas there need some smoothing but its still very WIP so im not concerned.   Anyway let me know what you think.

Master will take care of us now.

I have done a bit more detailing on the cloth as per some comments I received on CMON.  Still needs a bit of cleaning up but I’ll do that when im not coughing my lungs out. And then there is another bust I have started that is a bit smaller than the old man and now in a decent enough state to show.   I know a lot of busts, but I have started a monster thing and plan on doing a 28mm mini soon.

Yes it is suppose to be Golem.