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Quick update.

Just to let you know im still painting. 



More painting.

SOme more progress on the dwarf:


And I also started the new plastic nurgle lord. Have to say that it has been alot of fun to paint so far and I think I am making some nice progress on it. Skin on his belly is nearly there though some blends need to be smoothed and then I need to add some more shading around his head. Havent got around to doing all the scabby things yet though. Oh and that shoulder area definitely needs work. Top of the Axe is also pretty much done but the rest is just basecoats.



Let me know what you think.

Skaven Queek Headtaker

Got tired of the Troll and switched to something more fun. Still lots of work to do on it but, let me know what you think.

River Troll

Hey guys, here is the newest mini I am working on. Still very WIP but I thought I would post it up anyway. Let me know what you think.

Eldar Warlock

By dre4mit on CMON, really like the mostly monotone nature of it with the pops of purple. Lovely stuff.

Ork Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka

A nice paint job by HopeRiver, found it over on Wamp. CMON link.

Simply Awesome.

I will post some of my own stuff soon, I promise, but none of it is in a decent state yet so no pics yet.  However I though I would post something that I thought was simply amazing.  Great originality and concept, and the execution is excellent. Its done by rusto on CMON.  Here is the link to the rest of his stuff. Some inspiration for me to learn to properly sculpt, I like the Squig Race best from his other works.

I found a way…

to eliminate one of the obstacles to me wargaming, well at least for War of the Ring.  And that obstacle is painting many minis, all I need is 5 of the fine looking fellows (see, below, the pic is nabbed from the Games Workshop site), and another company of orcs to keep it legal so only 13 guys to paint up. Brilliant! So the army list would look like this:

1c morannon orcs
WK on Fellbeast
Tainted on Fellbeast
Betrayer on Fellbeast
Dimmerlaik on Fellbeast
Knight of Umbar on Fellbeast
The Nazgul battlehost and the There Will Be No Dawn fate.

Its the Royal Mordor Airforce and I could play games with them and be fairly competitive, though admittedly I would be stuck at higher points levels but it would be challenging and fun.   Now all i need is an airbrush and 5 of these suckers, which are not cheap (180 pounds for all 5) but overall probably cost less than building a proper army.  Brilliant idea I know, now all I need to do is buy them (which is something I said I wouldnt do, doh!) but i cant afford to anyway.  Maybe I’ll get them one at a time, slowly. Meh, just though I would share the idea I had.

Controversy (Warning: Nudity, not work friendly)

The following diorama by Nakatan on CMON has created a lot of controversy on both CMON and Wamp and I thought it was interesting.  Many have been outraged by it because of the possibility of rape that is portrayed in the scene.   My own opinion is that there is nothing wrong with this piece as it leaves the ending open (notice the knife by her hand and the possibility of intervention from the other men)  and does not portray anything explicitly.  As it has caused so much controversy I thought it would be appropriate to put it on my blog.  The diorama is based on the GW Warhammer 40k universe, the female is an Eldar and the men are imperial troops.

Alien Contact - Nakatan(CMON)

More images can be found here and more of the artists work can be found here.