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Matt Cexwish and His Awesome Slayer Sword Winning Entry

Here is Matt explaining his Slayer Sword winning diorama, absolutely the coolest thing ever.


GD Germany 2011

Here is some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Cool base, great painting, and original

A great piece from JRN for the Crystal Brush competition, the base is a sphere which i have never seen done before.

A nice article inspired by it on Steve B’s blog as well.  And a video of it here.

Ork Dreadnaught?

Here is the new Grey Knight Dreadknight/naught photoshopped (not by me, I found it here) to be a looted deff dread. Lol.  Could be a fun conversion to do.  And here is the original:

One large project…the jungle

Here is a great piece, very large and detailied.  Its by paulvalenx on CMON.

And more photos here ,herehere and here.

Sculpting… in plasticine?


Collection of minis that were sculpted in plasticine.  Pretty cool.  Here.  

2011 LoTR Grand Tournament Report

Here is a nice read about this years singles LOTR SBG GT from the winner.

Printing your own minis?

There has been a bit of discussion recently on blogs about how advances in 3D printing technology might be the end of big mini companies as you will jsut be able to download blueprints and print the minis yourself.  Here is a little bit of reading for you.  One. Two. and Three. Its an interesting notion but I am not sure I am convinced.   I am not gonna say much more as everything I know is from those blogs so have a read and let me know your thoughts.


Some people have great ideas…

Saw this on Colonel Schofer’s Blog and had to post it here.  I think its very creative and looks really cool.

Lots more pictures can be found here and is definitely worth checking out.  It would take me years to do this, impressive stuff.

Free Sprue from Warlord games

This is a reblog from another blog which I found here, go and check it out there is some good stuff on there.

So I have found something that is definitely worth sharing.  Wayland Games is giving away a free sprue from Warlord Games if you sign up for their newsletters. Just follow this link and fill it out.  I have done it and hopefully I will have a nice surprise waiting for me int he postbox sometime soon and will keep you updated.

Here is a link to Warlord Games for those who want to check it out.