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Sorry for nto posting for a while, been busy.  Another mini started, adding to the WIP pile but hey I couldnt wait to get started on this guy.  Nothing fully finished but the skintones that have been painted, are nearly there.  Face is just me sketching some shading/highlighting in.


Ive been busy…

with other stuff, like life.  But on the miniature front I am working on a mystery project right now, put together my next mini in the pipeline, and have been practicing some blending with glazes on a practice mini but  have got a bit done.  So here he is as he stands:

Still tons to do, but this guy has so many little details that its going to take a while.  Anyway, let me know what you think.


As I am waiting for greenstuff to finish the base for the steam-dwarf I have started other stuff.  Woot finally got enough done to post some pics.  The stomach is done, the face is nearly done except for the hair and earings and the leather jacket still needs a lot of work.

Also here is the start of a piece of a base that I am constructing for a base for Rose from Hasslefree.

River Troll

Hey guys, here is the newest mini I am working on. Still very WIP but I thought I would post it up anyway. Let me know what you think.

Its been a long time…

since I posted anything, but even longer since I posted any of my own work.   So, here is something for you to feast your eyes on.  Its nearly done, still a few things to touch up though.  Its about 68mm tall and sculpted from a variety of putties.

Wood Troll

Wood Troll painted by Arbaal on CMON.  I like the foresty/undergrowthy feel it has.

The CMON link here in case you want to vote. And more of his stuff here.