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The Bust has moved along.

Right more progress on him, lots of pics upcoming. He is getting on a bit though still a daunting amount to do. Not happy with the hair so will probably be redoing alot of it. Might take a break from this guy but we’ll see.

And then my first foray into 54mm, which has been a huge change from the bust. Finding it really tricky, though at this point its still really basic.


Its been a long time…

since I posted anything, but even longer since I posted any of my own work.   So, here is something for you to feast your eyes on.  Its nearly done, still a few things to touch up though.  Its about 68mm tall and sculpted from a variety of putties.

Master will take care of us now.

I have done a bit more detailing on the cloth as per some comments I received on CMON.  Still needs a bit of cleaning up but I’ll do that when im not coughing my lungs out. And then there is another bust I have started that is a bit smaller than the old man and now in a decent enough state to show.   I know a lot of busts, but I have started a monster thing and plan on doing a 28mm mini soon.

Yes it is suppose to be Golem.

Nearly completed Old Man

After finishing a paper I rewarded myself with some sculpting time and have pretty much finished the old man. I think he is pretty awesome.  Let me know what you think of him.

Some more sculpting

An old man that is very WIP at this point but I though I would show him here. He is about 48mm tall and is made from sculpey, needs quite a bit of work.

Some Sculpting

So here is a bust I have been working on, it is nearly done, just needs to be smoothed and baked and then I may add a few more details.   He is about 45mm tall and is made from super sculpey.  Anyway enjoy.