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Bilbo comes to town

Been doing some painting recently, so I thought I would post up a few pictures of what I have so far.

Bilbo, still lots of work to do on him, man this guy is small:And a bust from the Basement Figure Range.  Really good quality cast, and so far the figure has been fun to paint.  Only got around to the head so far.  Still lots to do .

Sean the Orc:

And a size comparison shot of the two:

The sheer size of the bust has its own difficulties I find, especially without an airbrush. But its a nice challenge for now.   Anyway that all for now and probably until after the holidays.  So happy holidays.


The Bust has moved along.

Right more progress on him, lots of pics upcoming. He is getting on a bit though still a daunting amount to do. Not happy with the hair so will probably be redoing alot of it. Might take a break from this guy but we’ll see.

And then my first foray into 54mm, which has been a huge change from the bust. Finding it really tricky, though at this point its still really basic.