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Khaurik’s Guard Finished.

Right this guy has been sitting on my desk for ages and I finally decided to get him finished off. Sooo many details on him that got irritating to paint after a while. So I am calling him done.

And HERE is the link to vote, if you are so inclined.


ALSO if you havent already done so please do go VOTE on Olsvalter.   THANKS!


And the Troll now has two arms and the end is in sight!

Woot! Anyway here are the pics.

Ive been busy…

with other stuff, like life.  But on the miniature front I am working on a mystery project right now, put together my next mini in the pipeline, and have been practicing some blending with glazes on a practice mini but  have got a bit done.  So here he is as he stands:

Still tons to do, but this guy has so many little details that its going to take a while.  Anyway, let me know what you think.