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Sorry for nto posting for a while, been busy.  Another mini started, adding to the WIP pile but hey I couldnt wait to get started on this guy.  Nothing fully finished but the skintones that have been painted, are nearly there.  Face is just me sketching some shading/highlighting in.


Matt Cexwish and His Awesome Slayer Sword Winning Entry

Here is Matt explaining his Slayer Sword winning diorama, absolutely the coolest thing ever.

More Rackham.

Just something I have worked on a bit.

Olsvalter the Aged Done

Yay! Another one done.  Just a quick paintjob, took me about 7 hours which is quick for me.  He isnt perfect and I know I could make him better but I had fun with it.  Anyway here he is:

And the votey link is HERE, if you feel so inclined.

Open Projects.

Thought I would post up a picture of my collection of currently open projects.  The only thing on there that is done is the steam dwarf in the very back.   The rest are in varying stages of incompleteness.

More of the Old Wizard, Olsvalter

The worktable.

Got some previews of some stuff I am working on.  First up is Olsvalter the Aged form RBG, Not done yet but nearly there, just the beard and owl and then touch ups.  .

And his base:

And Rose from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Anyway, thats all for now.

EDIT: Sorry for the bad pics, I was in a rush.


Yeah I couldnt think of a clever title.  Anyway got more done on Fulgor, though looking at the photos, there is places where I will need to go back and touch up stuff and then there is alot of detailing to pick out, like all the damn rivets but that will be done later.

More of the same.

More Fulgor.  Metal on the arms is pretty much done but still need to do the wires.


So I wasnt feeling top notch and thus was avoiding writing my dissertation, so I painted Fulgor a bit today.  Here is what I have so far:

Siver/Steel is far from done, but the bronze and gold are pretty close.  Let me know your thoughts.