A blog tracking the adventures of an aspiring mini painter and sculptor

Its been a long time…

And I have been busy rethinking what exactly about this hobby I enjoy and where I want to spend my money.  have also finished painting a few minis which you can see HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Just quick paint jobs to get me back into it and finishing off some old stuff, so its not lying around.

Also attended a Chris Clayton Masterclass, put on by The Basement (great folks, go check them out) and so have been sculpting since.

Here is my first go, which was done at the Masterclass where we learned about proportion and Chris’ methods for sculpting busts:ImageImageImage

And since then I have moved on to this:


I’ve actually done quite a bit since this picture was taken but am too lazy to take more pictures at the moment.  Still a long way to go anyway. Anyway enough for now, I will try to be more regular in my updates from now on as I plan to do have a more steady work flow from now on.


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