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I went to a Painting Workshop

I am pleased to announce that after what has now been a year of painting  ( yup my year anniversary is sometime around now, I think) and sculpting I attended my first painting workshop with Tommie Soule from Golem Painting Studio.  Now I have no prior experience to compare this to but I have to say that for me it was a great experience.  To start with it was 35 GDP and we got  6 Space Marines and 3 Citadel brushes and a total of 6 hours of workshop time.  That by itself is pretty good value, however Tommie showed us the approach he uses to paint generally as well as his techniques for NMM, and Battle damage more specifically.  We spent some time putting together and painting Space Marines but then could work the minis we brought as Tommie made his rounds to give advice.  This in addition to the personal attention he gave everyone in the workshop helping people with paint consistency, brush loading, highlighting, shading and just about everything else made the 35 pounds I spent on this a superb value.  Tommie definitely has an interesting approach to painting and I will be incorporating alot of what I learnt on the day into my own painting approach.  I have to say that if you paint and have never been to a workshop, GO!  There really isnt anything quite like watching someone else paint and having them show you how they would have done something you are painting.

After going through a dry period of not painting anything and not really having the urge to do so, I am now inspired to start a new mini, so I will keep you posted on that.  Anyway,  I know they are having another one onJune 5th so if you are in the area I very highly recommend you go.


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  1. One year, really? Congratulation on your determination!

    05/05/2011 at 01:03

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