A blog tracking the adventures of an aspiring mini painter and sculptor

Malifaux and other things

A game I have looked at getting into once I have some time and have found a good overview here. Found it thanks to Colonel Schofer’s Blog once again.  The website for Wyrd Miniatures is here and thas some great minis.  Thinking about getting the Cult of December boxset.   But I guess I should start playing more LOTR SBG first and actually get armies some 700pts armies.  There is just too much to get distracted by.

Also Massive Voodoo has cool new basing tutorial that I though was interesting and would throw on here.

I have created a poll and would like you to vote as I am not sure what to get next, so let me know your thoughts and help me out. Here are some pictures for the options (click the names to see the pictures):

Winged Nazgul

Cult of December

Spider Queen


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