A blog tracking the adventures of an aspiring mini painter and sculptor

Just some musings…

Havent really done anything in terms of the hobby recently as I have been working on my dissertation so I wont be posting any of my own work but since I havent posted in a while I thought I would have a post about some musings I have been having recently, mostly these are things I would like to get for the hobby.

First up is the Miniature Mentor subscription. Costs 70$ to start and then 8$ a month after should you wish to continue but they have tons of great videos that take you through how the pros paint and sculpt their minis. At the moment the sculpting ones are of more appeal to me but I am sure they are all worth a look. I have heard great things about the videos from everyone who uses and this is definitely something I want to look into in the future.

Second up, I have been looking at airbrushes which just seem like a lot of fun to use once you get to used to and great to use on larger minis. Though there is a ot of research that goes into getting one that I havent yet done (not that I can afford one anyway). On a related note I have been thinking about trying oil paints for some time now though time constraints have stopped me. Hopefully I get a chance to try these out sometime in the next few months.

Lastly I have been closely following Steve B’s blog as he has some great stuff on there and I recommend that everyone have a read through if you’ve got the time.  Anyway, I am sure there was something else I wanted to talk about but I have forgotten now so until next time, see ya.


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