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To wargame or not to wargame?

Long post ahead, be warned.  A little bit off topic from the usual, though I think it is still relevant as gaming has alot to do with painting.  I have an interesting relationship with wargaming.  I am very interested in it, I create armies for fun for the few systems I know but I never actually have the desire to play.   I have enough minis to make a couple of small armies for LOTR Strategy battle Game from Games Workshop but I rarely ever play the game.   Its not so much a time issue either as I have enough time to do that on top of painting and sculpting, so why dont I play?  Not really sure.  As I said I like to create armies and I even post some of the armies I make for review on the One Ring and The Last Alliance Forums. Some games require so many little details to be competitive that I find it fascinating.   I even like to read strategy and tactics tips but still I dont often play.  Furthermore, I have read the rulebooks for several other gaming systems, such as warmaster, warmaster ancients, warhammer, and even Hordes from Privateer Press.  Also, every time I start reading about a game I get really interested in the dynamics and potential strategies.  So clearly I have an interest in gaming, yet I cant even remember the last time I played a game though it was sometime around 2 months ago I think.

So why dont I play?  First, I cant be bothered and have nowhere near enough focus to paint all the minis and I dislike playing with a “grey” army.  Second, well Im not really sure, so far I have only played with my girlfriend (she is more than willing to play, even likes it) and though I would like to play with others, and finding others is not hard with the internet, going down to the local GW seems like such a hassle (lazy I know).  On top of this I dont ever really get the desire to play.  Its hard to explain but I will give it a go.   When I read about it I get all into and think strategies and set  out to build armies that would be interesting to play with but at the end of all that I dont actually feel like playing the game.  Not really sure why, perhaps its more of an intellectual curiosity for me and the action of playing isnt as appealing.  But then again I can never really properly strategized against myself, its sort of silly as i can come up with lots of situations where my tactic will work but then often probably avoid alot of the ones where it wouldnt.

So what can I do?  I was thinking about trying a game where a small amount of minis are required such as Wyrd’s game but then I find that these games are often less appealing to me than games such War of the Ring, Strategy Battle Game, 40k, Warhammer, and warmaster.  Once again not really sure why.

So to ask the question to wargame or not to wargame?  Im not really sure, I would like to I guess I just have to get around to it.

Anyway if you are still reading I applaud your perseverance. Any thoughts? How did you get into wargaming?


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