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Its been a while…

But i have been busy with school work and other stuff but I finally have an update.  So the old man is done and dusted, and if you are in the voting mood you can find him here.
Other than that I have the small beginnings of a typhus conversion to show you.  Randomly picked this guy up on ebay with the intention of converting him.  Its still very WIP, the pipes sticking out of his back were metal looking and I though that was inappropriate given the plague infested-ness of him so I am making them more organic.  Head has been swapped in and tried to make it look like there is slim surrounding his head.  Anyway sorry for the shoddy pic quality and here he is in all his glory (or lack thereof).


One response

  1. black nail is scary eeeeeek!

    26/01/2011 at 17:45

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