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Controversy (Warning: Nudity, not work friendly)

The following diorama by Nakatan on CMON has created a lot of controversy on both CMON and Wamp and I thought it was interesting.  Many have been outraged by it because of the possibility of rape that is portrayed in the scene.   My own opinion is that there is nothing wrong with this piece as it leaves the ending open (notice the knife by her hand and the possibility of intervention from the other men)  and does not portray anything explicitly.  As it has caused so much controversy I thought it would be appropriate to put it on my blog.  The diorama is based on the GW Warhammer 40k universe, the female is an Eldar and the men are imperial troops.

Alien Contact - Nakatan(CMON)

More images can be found here and more of the artists work can be found here.


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